For more than thirty years EMAC has been a landmark for innovative medical equipment for the hospital and medical world. Simulation plays an important role in medical training and clinical practice; Emaccampus, multi-technological centre for clinical training has been established to meet the demands for a more effective training, one that is based upon a shift in methodology from the traditionally theoretic training to a more practical way helping medical personnel to work on their preparation..

Emaccampus has managed to organize courses for many different subjects, such as Anesthetic and Resuscitation, Critical Care, Nephrology, Radiology, and many others. All courses are equipped with latest generation simulators, and they can be set both in our own centre or itinerantly in hospitals or universities at the specific class.

During training Emaccampus is able to set up videoconference technology to engage in live-surgery acts. The video-conference systems can be set in a fixated modality or in a flight-case modality where a team of experts and engineers can support streaming and live acts. Emac can properly satisfy any request to design and establish simulation centres with state of the art technology.

Emac is the national exclusive dealer for simulation products.


Bedside scans play an important role in medical diagnostics. To grasp ultrasounds you need to have theoretical knowledge, motor and visual spatialization skills, which are obtained by practicing on the sonogram, the probe and patient. For these reasons to teach and learn ultrasound has been complex yet.

Now, thanks to SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution, learning bedside scans has become accessible to doctors, nurses and students. Furthermore it enables teacher to train and evaluate a fair amount of students coherently and consistently.

SonoSim is a simulator designed for first timers in ultrasound scans. It employs a software and a USB probe, which allow for an easier learning and teaching of ultrasound, from the theoretical basis to actual practice on patients.

SonoSim allows for more than 1000 scans and it shows a full range of conditions, both healthy and pathological. SonoSim also shows an actual image and it gives guidance to properly adjust the probe. Thanks to a virtual patient on screen the student might scan, through an USB probe, the various anatomical districts to practice diagnosing conditions without the hassle of accessing sections to visualize different types of pathologies.

These dynamic images are real and on each of them it is possible to operate some common functions such as modifications to gain, deepness, freezing the image, or measuring distances, areas and volumes. The simulator also gives access to a cloud of up to 50 simultaneous users, in order to research the theoretical knowledge of each anatomical district; each on-line course is divided in anatomy and physiology of individual districts, anatomy and ultrasound techniques, and a test at the end to evaluate the learning process.


Thanks to the collaboration with the most important trainers in the world, with its 20 years long experience on the field, and bringing expertise of materials and production processes for the mechanical industry, Simulab grew to become the market leader in the development of accessible lifelike trainers for a whole range of educational demands.

With efforts on research and development all focused on anatomical realistic features and product innovation, Simulab contributed to highly significant improvements to the world of simulation. The TraumaMan system has basically replaced the need for human bodies and living animals in ATLS training and it became the most common surgical simulator in the world.

Surgical trainers here include pads for different kind of surgical seams, tissue models for basic and advanced tasks, obstetric and gynecologic task trainers, and video laparoscopic task trainers.

The CentraLine Man System and the FemoraLine Man System are two tissue model systems to pratice with the central venous catheter engaging via internal jugular vein or femoral vein. The Tissue Models for these simulators are all compatible with ultrasounds and they can be used for ultrasound-guided measures in compatibility with different kind of ultrasound instruments.

Simulab's products range include other simulator compatible with ultrasound, for measures such as thoracentesis, paracentesis, lumbar puncture, venipuncture pads, the PICCline Man Trainer to practice with peripheral venous catheters, and trainers for peripheral nerve blocks.

With continuous efforts towards the improvement of patients' security and medical training, Simulab is still researching and developing new medical trainers and simulators, including a whole range of surgical task trainers.


Educating and improving the competence of health care providers requires a wide range of high quality tools that meet the most varied training requirements. From professional doctors and nurses to military and health emergency personnel, the Laerdal Health Education Portfolio includes products and services to meet the needs of educators in a wide range of clinical fields.

With simulators, dummies and task trainers, the Health Education Portfolio offers comprehensive educational solutions that help educators implement them quickly and effectively. SimMan 3G is an advanced patient simulator that can show neurological and physiological symptoms. It’s easy to use and features innovative technology such as automatic drug recognition.

SimMom is an advanced full-body birth simulator with accurate anatomy and functionality to facilitate multi-professional obstetric birth management training, with manual and automatic delivery.

SimBaby is a newborn patient simulator ideal for training in all aspects of newborn care. With realistic anatomy and clinical features, SimBaby is suitable for all types of training - from routine care to critical emergencies. In addition to these advanced patient simulators, Laerdal offers a wide range of simulators for CPR maneuvers and for nursing-type procedures such as catheterization and maneuvers for learning patient care techniques.