Work Ethics

More than thirty years of competence, technology and constant improvement!


EMAC provides solutions for the unceasing demands from the medical world by researching the best quality producers worldwide, those who can guarantee high standards and who share our work ethics. Along with our staff of employees and collaborators we steadily research new strategies to improve the quality of life of patients.

EMAC is present over the territory with highly qualified personnel to listen to health professionals and to offer products and services that guarantee effective solutions to their needs. Our constant monitoring of the actual demands from the users enables us to supply state of the art electro-medical and medical devices, with the aim of optimizing clinical practices by improving effectiveness and security and reducing risks, time and costs.

Quality Declaration

Application of Quality Management Systems

“Distribution and Technical Assistance of electromedical devices for diagnostics, hemodialysis, resuscitation and rehabilitation (UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 13485)."

The field of application of the QMS adopted by the organization determines the perimeter in which the requirements of the reference standards are applied. It’s being therefore applied to the activities mentioned in the purpose of the aforementioned certification.
The field of application therefore takes into account and it’s being extended to all elements explained and analyzed in each paragraph of the Specific Procedure of context analysis (QSP 21.1), including the internal and external factors identified in the context analysis, and the needs and expectations of interested parties identified as relevant to the QMS management.

For documenting the field of application are being taken into consideration:

- Activities
- Products
- Establishment
- Organizational functions and physical borders
- Internal and external factors, including the interactions with the same group companies
- Compliance obligations of the interested parties
- Outsourcing

Quality Policy

Quality is the driving force by which EMAC is moving to achieve continuous improvement, to providing its services aimed at customer satisfaction. In EMAC quality is the goal that every collaborator exerts in carrying out the assigned business processes.
Quality, therefore, is the company’s combined skills put in act to satisfy customers’ needs and in proposing them the most appropriate technological solutions to improve the lives to whom it dedicates its services.

EMAC’s vision can be summarized as it follows:

- We love proposing vital technology
- We have passion for innovation
- We want to realize excellent care projects in compliance with regulatory requirements

The Management intends to obtain the complete satisfaction of our customers even in their unexpressed expectations. Considering the particular market in which our Company operates, given the rapid changes the market has to deal with and the constant technological development, satisfying the customer and therefore being chosen and appreciated can only derive from excellence in efficiency, reliability, safety, security, technological innovation, branding and the relationship between the quality of the product and its price.
Quality is considered as the fundamental strategic tool to improve all business activities and achieve that continuous improvement that allows us to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company at high levels and in any case corresponding or exceeding the market demands.

Quality becomes a landmark and goal for every activity carried out in the company through:
-products research and distribution on the market with the highest quality standards, the latest technologies and the best cost/benefit ratios to improve patient care results;
- the creation and continuous strengthening of a group of collaborators with whom respectfully communicate, fairness and trust in order to obtain a professional, efficient, stimulating and, at the same time, a peaceful working environment for everyone so that the work can represent the personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

The Direction therefore intends to give its collaborators the opportunity of improving by encouraging professional training and allowing each person to fully realize their potential in terms of skills, creativity and initiative taking.
The Management also takes the responsibility to guarantee the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Ethical Code
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 Certificate


The man at the center of EMAC’s interest

The man, already at the center of Emac’s interest as a productive structure, becomes the main landmark for the activity carried out by the company in the charitable initiatives field; the attention dedicated to every aspect of human life finds its concretization in supporting organizations that are active in volunteering as well as in collaboration in solidarity, cultural, scientific and sporting projects.

ONLUS Association “L'Albero dei Sorrisi”

In order to contribute even more actively, in 2007 Emac contributed to the creation of the non-profit association L'Albero dei Sorrisi. The main objective of the Association is to support social and health projects aimed at communities or individuals in serious economic difficulties in Italy and around the world, providing not only electromedical equipment, medical surgical aid, equipment and furnishings but also providing economic, educational support and specialist consultancies.

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