Rehametrics is a rehabilitation software platform that allows healthcare professionals to provide physical and cognitive therapy regardless the patient or therapist’s location. Rehametrics has more than 80 virtual reality exercises, acquisition and movement analysis and quantification of the therapy session in order to improve the rehabilitation results and increase the patient's involvement. Furthermore, while the patient completes the described clinical sessions, Rehametrics collects motor analysis and performance data.
EASY TO USE: through the use of equipment such as the kinect sensor of the xbox one or the touchscreen interface, Rehametrics allows the patient to quickly complete the prescribed therapies: eliminate complex setup procedures.

Yband Therpy

ARYS ™ is an innovative therapeutic tool developed to support patients' motivation during the neuro-rehabilitation process of the upper limbs
How ARYS ™ works A motion sensor, worn on the wrist, records all arm activities and alerts the patient if excessive limb inactivity is detected.
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Camanio Care

Bestic® offers an enhanced quality of life by providing the user with the freedom to eat without assistance, leading to greater independence and a more dignified and pleasant dining experience.
Bestic supports eating for users who have difficulties feeding themselves due to physical disabilities, decreased range of motion in their arms or hands, or poor voluntary control coordination. This may e.g. be people with different neurological diseases or degenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis, polio, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, spinal injuries or Ataxia.

By choosing a suitable control device and control mode, the user can independently control the movement of the spoon on the plate and choose what and when to eat.
The easiest way to control Bestic is with the control mode Bestic SINGLE. It only requires the push of a button with any part of your body, e.g. your hand, head, chin or knee.
Other types of control devices that can be connected to Bestic are e.g. five button controls and joysticks.

Jdome BikeAround has been developed to facilitate patients’ activities with brain injuries, different types of mental or cognitive disabilities, neurological damage, balance or stroke problems. This device is based on the Google Maps service and Google Street View which is projected on the Jdome screen which is connected to the pedaling unit. This equipment provides valuable assistance for the therapist and nursing staff.

Giraff is a robotic communication system that allows virtual examinations, for both supervision and distance social interaction, especially for elders and disabled people. Thanks to Giraff, home care, healthcare professionals and relatives can have a direct contact with the patient and communicate with him through a monitor.