On AIDS, Regulation 135/90 – October to December 2011

Advanced’ Course in Health Cooperation and Humanitarian Emergencies – October 2011 to June 2012
23 July 2011
Intensive renal replacement therapies – June 2011.
21 June 2011
July 22, 2011 In accordance with regulation Delibera Regione Liguria n. 894 from 22/07/2011, which established special funding for the present refresher course, U.O. Malattie Infettive states that it has engaged and the course will take place in October and December 2011.

Course objectives:
Provide general knowledge of the hospital's IT.
Provide new techniques of handling patients with infective status.
Provide updates regarding the principal infective diseases.

Course structure:
Frontal lessons and seminars.
Audiovisual support.
The course will take place in the meeting room at Pad. Giannoni, 1st floor, and the IT classroom of Bussana.