Chronic dialysis

Bellco, Italian company based in Mirandola (MO), provides solutions for chronic and acute cases and a wide range where we also find the machine dedicated to neonatal and pediatric patients.
Each patient, in all contexts, has different needs and the peculiarity of Bellco is precisely to provide a wide range of customizable therapies for the individual patient.

The machine dedicated to the dialysis department is Flexya. On Flexya different types of treatment can be carried out depending on the patient, in addition to traditional dialysis. HFR Evolution: thanks to a double filter the ultrafiltrate is not eliminated, but is reinfused after being purified.
HFR Aequilibrium: thanks to a particular sensor, the patient's sodium is monitored to optimize cardiovascular stability.
PHF online: improves the quality of the liquids used for the exchange.
MID DILUTION: uses both the pre and post dilution.
SUPRA: uses a sorbent resin cartridge to eliminate toxins, without losing other substances useful to the patient.

The machine dedicated to neonatal or pediatric patients is Carpediem with three kits available depending on the patient's weight. Thanks to the reduced blood volume Carpediem allows to treat patients weighing between 3kg and 10 kg.