Research and development

More than 30 years of expertise, technology and constant improvement!

To operate in a highly technological field which is in constant evolution has led Emac to research collaborations with universities, research institutions and clients to develop always innovative solutions. The experience from more than 30 years in the biomedical field allowed us to take part in a multitude of research projects financed by governmental institutions, such as Regione Liguria, Regione Toscana and the Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR).

MIUR Ministry of Education and Research

-2005 - Developed a system for the monitoring and quality check of water in extra-corporeal dialysis
-2005 -Engaging with ultrasound in researching modalities of consumption of initiable drugs
-2007 - Innovative technological solutions for the monitoring and quality check of hygienic and sanitary conditions of hydraulic systems in hospitals.
-2007 - Developed IT system for home based medical assistance.
-2007 - Chemiometric modeling of clinical and instrumental data from analysis and medical therapies.
-2010 - Designed a physical/mixed reality simulation system for practical training in clinical interventions and nephrology.
-2010 - Production of a prototype of an E-learning system for managing medical simulators for training practice.

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