Work Ethics

More than thirty years of competence, technology and constant improvement!


EMAC provides solutions for the unceasing demands from the medical world by researching the best quality producers worldwide, those who can guarantee high standards and who share our work ethics. Along with our staff of employees and collaborators we steadily research new strategies to improve the quality of life of patients.

EMAC is present over the territory with highly qualified personnel to listen to health professionals and to offer products and services that guarantee effective solutions to their needs. Our constant monitoring of the actual demands from the users enables us to supply state of the art electro-medical and medical devices, with the aim of optimizing clinical practices by improving effectiveness and security and reducing risks, time and costs.

Quality Statement

The continuous research for quality in our products and services is the main instrument for EMAC S.r.l. to obtain a constant improvement in customer satisfaction. In EMAC Quality is the instrument that every collaborators employs in his daily company duties.

Thus Quality is the ensemble of the knowledge that we operate in satisfying our clients' demands and it is grounded in the satisfactory distribution of our products and services to our clients, public and private, and the medical world, both scientifically and industrially.

To improve our service, EMAC is always monitoring the financial and economic issues, the business processes and both the internal and external company satisfaction. EMAC operates in accordance to local law and regulations, with honesty and integrity in every business relationship with users, clients, suppliers, institutions, employees and communities.
Global quality of products and services. Ethical responsibility towards the market, the company and the community. Training.

Our high standards are reached trhough continuous efforts in distributing advanced products and it is based on a constant dialogue with users and their demands. .

EMAC's reputation of prestige and integrity has been achieved in more than 35 years of expertise and constant innovation.

Therefore the obligation we have in researching advanced products is aimed in maintaining this technological and scientific authority to keep supplying innovative products for our clients' needs. The expertise achieved in the biomedical field enabled us to launch our state of the art Centre for Advanced Medical Training EMACCAMPUS, and to participate in research and development projects with eminent partners.

Ethical Code
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 Certificate

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