Critical care

A whole range of technologically advanced systems and solutions for training, intensive care, and support to vital functions in the critical patient in pre-hospital emergency, first aid, intensive care, anesthesia and operating theatre.
The Critical Care systems that we offer – stand-alone monitoring, centralized, defibrillator, and training objects – are meant to improve quality in your hospital service and effectiveness of your workloads in both public and p private medical institutions.


To train and improve proficiency in medical workers requires a whole range of high quality products to satisfy the multiple demands of training. The Laerdal range of training products include deices and services meant to satisfy demands from educators and trainers from a variety of different clinical fields, from medical doctors to nurses, the military and hospital workers.

With our simulators, the mannequins, the task trainers, our range of medical trainer deices offers complete solutions that help educators train in a quick and effective way. SimMan 3g is an advanced simulator of patient able to show both cognitive and physical features. It is easy to use and it presents an innovative technology such as the recognition of drugs administration.

SimMom is a full body advanced childbirth simulator with anatomical precision and accurate features to facilitate training of professional obstetricians, and it includes automatic and manual birth functions.

SimBaby is a newborn simulator to help training for every aspects of child care. Thanks to its anatomical precision and realistic clinical features, SimBaby is suited for every kind of training, from routines to critical emergencies. In addition to these advanced simulators, Laerdal offers a whole range of simulators for RCP maneuvers and nursing practices such as catheters and other techniques for the care of the patient.

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